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Yankeeway Lodge - Puerto Varas Chile
Patagon Lodge
Yankee Way Lodge, is a great starting and ending point for any expedition to Chile and is a fascinating facility unto itself. Volcan Osorno, considered one of the most beautiful volcanic cones in the world, dominates the horizon in front of the lodge. The compound was carefully constructed over a five year period, with great attention to detail. Exposed, sandblasted post and beam construction throughout highlights beautiful local woods, black lava encrustations and old-world style craftsmanship.
Lodging is comprised of private chalets, bungalows and hotel style rooms. The 1,400 square foot chalets and bungalows are designed to accommodate groups of various sizes. Each building was carefully designed and constructed from beautiful local woods, in a style appreciative of local architecture yet incorporating many modern features, including central heating and details such as fluffy towels, bathrobes and goose down comforters, which are sure to please your family and friends.
Frommer’s Review of Latitude 42° Restaurant
We’re always pleased when others, especially others who are experienced and widely traveled, find our services worthy of good reviews. Immediately below is a recent review (January 2003) from Frommer’s. This review will appear in the updated 2nd edition travel guide for Argentina and Chile and on their web page featured on the first page of our web site. We are pleased to receive, for our Yan Kee Way Lodge and our Latitude 42° Restaurant, Frommer’s highest 3 star rating. We appreciate their providing us with this early release of their review to share with you. We find their travel guide provides an excellent source of local information that we use ourselves while traveling in Chile and Argentina.

Frommer’s says:
“This is the finest restaurant in Southern Chile, located right on the lake overlooking the volcano and offering an unrivaled dining experience in the Lake region. The décor is perfect. Marble and brass chandeliers, fireplaces made of volcanic rock, orangey leather chairs, picture windows overlooking the water, a basement “cave” for wine tasting, and a cigar bar that sells ‘Havana’s’. Service is superb. And only the highest quality produce, mostly local and organic, create the most tantalizing dishes. The smoked salmon is smoked in-house using the finest cognac. The meat is aged on the premises so the filets served are as tender as can be. Fish is brought daily from Puerto Varas, usually sea bass and conger eel. Specials change daily and the entire menu changes weekly. The cellar houses outstanding wines, and impressive collection from over 50 vineyards. Pastries and deserts are also terrific, even the heavenly chestnut ice cream is homemade.”

Hass Mroue - Frommer’s Argentina & Chile
Schedules below provide arrival and departure dates for our fly-fishing packages.
The first two schedules are the 8 day / 7 night packages.
Arrival and departure days are scheduled on a Friday.
The third and fourth schedules provide information for the 4 and 5 day fishing packages.
The 4 and 5 day packages are offered only at Yan Kee Way Lodge.
Transfer and travel considerations do not allow one adequate fishing time, in this short period, at our other locations.
If you wish to schedule for more than 7 fishing days, but less than 14, the third and fourth schedules provide information concerning the beginning and end dates for those packages.
If available when you make arrangements for reservations, these packages may be added on to the beginning or to the end of a 8 day / 7 night fishing package. Packages with a duration longer than 7 days but less than 14 days, will have arrival and departure dates as illustrated on the appropriate add-on schedule. When planning your fly-fishing trip, these schedules will allow you to coordinate your personal schedule with those of ours. Some guests choose to arrive a day early to rest up after their flight. We will be pleased to accomodate you if we have space. Please use these dates and package numbers to indicate your trip preferences when you provide information to us via our Contact Us Page.
If you have any more questions, please contact directly


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