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Trekking in Chile
Chile, that unites the same extremes in geography and climate within its borders: from the Atacama desert in the North to the windy pampa of Tierra Fuego, from the Lake District to the Patagonian Icefield, from the Mediterranean landscapes of Central Chile to the southern rainforest. To take a Trekking, Horseback, Climbing or Mountaineering circuit. we like to introduce the best trekking aroud The Trekking los Andes.
VC1880 Trip to Torres del Paine – Grey Lake
Day 01: Arrival in Punta Arenas. Our clients are picked up at the airport and then taken to the Penguin Colony. This trip takes about 5 hours. We travel straight to the Hostal where we Hill have a brief meeting about the activities that we will do. (Ideally the trip should start at midday)

Day 02: We leave alter breakfast at 7:00 a.m. to the Torres del Paine Nacional Park (Laguna Amarga entrance) by regular bus with a Guide. We take the transfer to Camping Las Torres(camp site) where we hill leave our equipment and hike up to the Towers’look out on the Asencio Valley ( 7 Hrs. ). The difference in altitude in this area is about 800 Mts. Aprox. Dinner and breakfast provided by our Guide.

Day 3: Trekking from Camping Las Torres to Campamento Pehoe 8camp site)( 8 Hrs. )Then we trekk through el Paso de Los Cuernos(the horns’ trail), where we hill be walking on the shores of the Nordenskjold lake.
From this sector you will be able to see the French Valley and the French Glaciar which is a hanging glaciar wit great activity on avalanches. We will continue our trail to atrrive to the Campamento Pehoe (camp site)which is located on the shores of the homonimous lake. Dinner and breakfast provided by our Guide.

Day 4: Trekking for the day to Refugio Grey(Shelter) and to the Grey Glaciar’s look out ( 9 hrs. ). To do this we should start very early due to the catamaran’s schedule by which we have to cross the Pehoe lake up to the Pudeto Shelter where a Mini-Bus to the Serrano river area. We spend the night in the Serrano river camp site. Dinner and breakfast provided by our Guide.

Day 5:
Early in the morning we move to the shores of the river where we take the kajaks to Stara with a slow descension up to our camp site on Campamento Estancia Pekín Guerrero after 5 hours of rowing. The Serrano river is located in the biggest Nacional Park of the Country and has more that 2 million hectares and is called Bernardo O`Higgins. This Park has several rivers, lakes,glaciars and virgin forests so by kajak is one of the most beautiful and the cleanest way to visit it.. Dinner and breakfast provided by our Guide.

Day 6:
From the Estancia Pekín Guerrero(Cattle Ranch) we row for the last 3 hours up to the Serrano river outlet where it ges connected to Fiordo Ultima Esperanza (Fjord). Our trip finishes on Puerto Toro (dock). We will have the chance to watch the Serrano Glaciar . After that, We will take a cutter called 21 de Mayo which Hill take us back to Puerto Natales in the afternoon.

NOTE: The Serrano river is navigable most of the time. However, there is an area which is sometimes very windy. In that situation we can not cross the river so we always include extra supplies and we have an extra day in our schedule as well as in our client’s schedule.


• 1 night accomodation at a Hostal with privatte bathroom and breakfast in Puerto Natales
• Guides for the excursion.
• Tranfer from L. Amarga to Camping Las Torres
• Regular Transportation to Torres del Paine Nacional Park.
• Private Transportation Natales – Pudeto – Camping Serrano
• 3 night on camp sites.
• Food for everyday of excursión: Dinner, Breakfast and Box Lunch
• Park tickets.
• Catamarán ticket
• Double Kayaks and accesories ( Life jackets, waterproff jackets, Dry bags, neoprene shoes).
• Tour seasons tents.
• Sinthetis sleeping bags(The best for this area due to its climatic conditions).
• Cooker and cooking material.
• Private bus from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales through Penguin Colony.
• Navigation through Ultima Esperanza Fjord from Puerto Toro to Puerto Natales.
• Downstream trip fee

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