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Who are we?
Monica Carrasco, is the Director of, our tourism company, where our faultless and understanding service is the key to our success.  We take great care to coordinate and organize the many services that your holiday (vacation) requires, from beginning to end!
, is a Chilean Tour Operator which provides the best quality of service to its clients and is based in Puerto Varas. Additionally, we work with only the best hotels and restaurants in terms of service throughout Chile and Argentina.  We work with major Chilean and foreign airlines that, because of their many years experience, can guarantee excellent quality of service on board with careful attention to their passengers, as well as flying with the latest airplane models.

At, we really care when it comes to the quality of details.  Each service we offer has been evaluated exhaustively, so we can offer the highest level of quality for each and every item that forms part of your journey.  Our personnel is highly qualified and competent to pay attention to your needs with the total dedication that you deserve, including any unexpected situations that may arise.

With many years of experience in the travel industry, has quickly grown and modernized.  Our company is equipped with the most advanced information system technology. Information on all our products and offers, and all that you would expect from your Travel Agency, are included on this website, which we proudly present to you:

Visitchile Ltda., as part of its strategy and management policy, has developed a process to implement quality management in the company, with the purpose of providing all of its services and procedures with the highest level of excellence. has been certified by SGS for its Quality Management System in accordance with ISO Standard 9001:2008 in every process related to its tourism products, reservation procedures, sales and management policies.

According to Mónica Carrasco, general manager of, the implementation of standards in the companys quality management has been a joint effort of the entire staff, and positioned our tour operator as nationwide leader. The implementation of this quality certification has entailed the preparation of work procedures and instructions covering the most important aspects, including the organization, control and improvement of procedures already in use and training every member of the work team. All of this means that "today we do things better than yesterday", having accomplished a new goal in our commitment to ongoing improvement, and satisfying the needs and expectations of each and every one of our passengers.

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