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Tours para visitar San Pedro de Atacama Chile
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San Pedro de Atacama, nestled in the driest desert in the world and on the edge of the Andean mountain range, is a magical place and one of the most visited spots in the north of Chile. Tourists from all over the world come to its stony streets and adobe houses looking to experience one of the most extreme landscapes on the planet, learn more about the rich history of the Andes or simply for rest and relaxation.
Duration: 03 Days / 02 Nights
until March 31st. 2020
If you don't have too much time available to visit San Pedro Atacama desert, this package tours will be perfect for you.
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VC101 Tours include:
Transfer from the airport to the Hotel.
02 Nights in the Hotel of your choice with breakfast.
Half Day tours Moon Valley
Full Day Tours Atacama Salt Lake and Altiplanic Lagoon.
Tatio Geysers and Machuca with breakfast.
Entrance fees include.
Transfer from the Hotel to the Airport.
VC101 Itinerary
Day 01 Calama -  San Pedro de Atacama - Tours to the Moon Valley
Arrival at the airport in Calama, located in the world’s most arid desert. 
04:00PM The Valley of the Moon, in the middle of the deep dryness of the salt mountain range we find a landscape of salt and clay shaped by water and wind over millions of years, in our journey we can enjoy the beauty delivered by extravagant forms that the cordillera mountain range gives us encouraging to imagination and reflection for your peace of mind. As we spend the afternoon we will go into the Death Valley Valle de la muerte and from there we will enjoy one of the best views of the Andes and its volcanoes, to finally finish watching the sunset that through its colorful gives us a wonderful end to our tour.
Reception and transfer from Calama airport to San Pedro de Atacama.
Accommodation at the hotel in San Pedro de Atacama.

Day 02 San Pedro de Atacama - Salt Flat & Altiplanic lagoons
Breakfast. On this occasion, we’ll visit the great Salar de Atacama in Los Flamencos National Reserve where you can enjoy its immensity surrounded by fauna in the Chaxa lagoon and surroundings between the flamingos that prove to be the main attraction of the salt with their beauty. Then we will take the road to the Highlands to visit the lagoons Miscanti and Miñiques at 4,200 meters above the sea level at the base of the volcanoes of the cordillera of the Andes, through its paths we will delight us with the nature of a landscape of contrasts. We will then enjoy lunch in the town of Socaire village highlighted for its traditional cuisine. Finally, before returning, we will visit the town of Toconao, its bell tower and Church of San Lucas, both national monuments since 1951. Return to San Pedro de Atacama.
Accommodation at the hotel in San Pedro de Atacama.

Day 03 San Pedro de Atacama – Geiser del Tatio - Calama
Our trip to the highlands begins during the early morning hours to finally reach one of the most important geothermal fields in the world, “Geysers del Tatio” surrounded with water emanations and steam, we will enjoy the beauty of the Andes and with this natural stage we will offer you an agreeable breakfast. Then we will visit the "Pozon Rustico" where you will be able to enjoy the thermal waters that the mountain range gives us. Taking the road back to San Pedro de Atacama you will enjoy the beauty of the landscape, native flora and fauna to finally stop at the village of Machuca, shepherds of llamas place, today this town of adobe, straw and cactus wood House is dedicated to the tourism offering local products such as Andean handicraft, Llama's meat, Sopaipillas and empanadas. As an historical and architectural appeal we will visit the San Santiago Church, patron saint of the town. After Transfer from San Pedro de Atactama to the Airport.
End of our services.
( 3 Days /2 Nights)
Hotel Cumbres Atacama
USD 1.110
USD 740
Hotel Altiplanico Atacama
USD 888
USD 598
Hotel Kimal
USD 808
USD 548
Hotel Tulor
USD 840
USD 564
USD 568
Hotel Casa don Tomas
USD 684
USD 498
USD 496
Hostal Diego de Almagro
USD 693
USD 500
USD 458
Reservas & Consultas
Rates are:
Per person
US dollars
Does not include airline tickets 
Valid until March 31st. 2020
Includes entrance fees to the Nationals Parks
With English guide in regular services
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please Ask Us Santiago-Calama-Santiago by LATAM
San Pedro de Atacama, is an entrance gate to one of the largest and most arid deserts in our planet: the Atacama Desert. Considered the archeological capital of Chile, its mountains, deserts, salt deposits, towns, lagoons, volcanoes, geysers and, especially, its people and its unusual visitors have made it a favorite destination in the last few years. Visitors cannot miss the outskirts, where the famous Tatio geysers are located and the morning sun displays a wonderful show of steams, odors and sounds.
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