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VC551 Tour visiting Torres del Paine & San Pedro de Atacama
Duration: 09 Days / 08 Nights
Season: Valid until April 30th. 2018
Departures: Daily

VC551 Includes:

ATransfer from the airport to Hotel
A01 Night at the Hotel with breakfast
ATransfer from the Hotel to the airport.

ATransfer from Punta Arenas to the Hotel in Puerto Natales and on the way visiting the Penguins aera
(October 15th until February 15th )
A01 Night at the Hotel with breakfast
AExcurision to Torres del Paine with lunch

A02 Nights at the Hotel in Torres del Paine National Park with breakfast
AHal day Excursion sailing the Grey lake II
ASailing and zodiac on the Serrano river and visiting the Balmaceda and Serrano Glaciars with lunch.

ATransfer from the Pier to the bus station
ARegular bus ticket from Puerto Natales to Punta Arenas

ATransfer from the bus station to the Hotel
A01 Night with breakfast
ATransfer from the Hotel to the airport

ATransfer from the airport to the hotel
A03 Nights with breakfast in San Pedro de Atacama
AHalf day tour Archeological tour.
AHalf day tour Atacama Salt Lake and Toconao.
AExcursion Tatio Geysers and towns with breakfast and lunch.
AEntrance fees.
VC551 Itinerary
Day 01 Santiago of Chile
Arrival to the airport and transfer to the hotel.
Accommodation in Santiago.

Day 02 Santiago-Punta Arenas - Puerto Natales

Breakfast. Transfer from the Hotel to the Santiago's airport.
Reception at the airport and after 4pm driving towards to Puerto Natales (246km, 3 hours). During the trip we will visit the penguin colonies at Otway Gulf.
Lodging at the Hotel in Puerto Natales.

Day 03 Puerto Natales - Torres del Paine

Breakfast. Early start for full day in Torres del Paine National Park Unique flora and fauna that will leave you impressed. Visit the Milodon Cave and after the unforgettable views of the Paine Towers of Paine Lago Grey with
the tremendous blue ice of the Grey Glacier. Lunch included.
Lodging at the Hotel in Torres del Paine National Park.

Day 04 Torres del Paine
Breakfast. Depart 09:00am or 3:00pm to Sailing Grey Lake. At the present time this natural marvel of impressive dimensions, which constitutes the end of the Southern Ice Field, can be visited and admired in all its magnitude sailing through the lake on board of our vessel Grey II. Weighing anchor from Hosteria Lago Grey and after sailing for 35 minutes among many icebergs, whose shape and color offer us unique themes for our pictures and video shots, we'll approach the glacier's front wall which is divided in two by a central island where landing is allowed. Here it is possible to appreciate in their entire dimension the infinity of crevasses and risings that constitute the snowdrift that gets lost in the distance.
Lodging in Torres del Paine National Park

Day 05 Torres del Paine - Puerto Natales - Punta Arenas

Breakfast. Departure from Serrano River dock. First of all, there is a sailing on zodiac boats during 20 minutes getting to a piece of land where we have to walk to get another vessel sailing down arriving to a small pier.
Once here, it is possible to take an optional 30 minutes walk one way to get in front of Serrano Glacier. Afterwards, return to the small pier for taking a cutter vessel and returning to Puerto Natales. On the way we will be able to admire Balmaceda Glacier. Transfer from the pier to the bus station and regular bus ticket from Puerto Natales to Punta Arenas. Transfer from the Bus station to the Hotel
Lodging in Punta Arenas.

Day 06 Punta Arenas – Santiago – Calama – San Pedro de Atacama
Breakfast. Transfer from the Hotel to the airport in Punta Arenas.
Arrive in the world’s most arid desert.  Reception and transfer from Calama airport to San Pedro de Atacama. Accommodation at the hotel of your choice.

Day 07 San Pedro de Atacama
Breakfast. At 09:00am we will depart to visit the most representative archeological places that show the development of the Atacamenian culture. Discover the origin of this culture, visit the archeological monument called “Aldea de Tulor”, 2,800 years old. Relive, accompanied by native Atacamenian guides, the beginning of sedentary life of the first inhabitants of the Atacama Desert. We finish our trip through history visiting the Tambo de Catarpe, administrative center built by the Incas to collect taxes and spread the traditions of the Empire of the Sun in Atacama. Back to the Hotel 1:00pm.
Excursion to the Atacama Salt Lake, departure 4:00pm. Toconao is a small picturesque village, part of the Andean culture, where you will appreciate beautiful handicrafts made of volcanic stone, cactus wood and llama wool. Then, accompanied by our skilled guides, travel through the vast Atacama Salt Lake, one of the world's largest. Discover how life survives in the salty environment. Observe the beautiful and surprising flamingos, one of the best-adapted birds to the typically harsh environment and climate. Discover the micro-organic life that thrives in salt concentrations even higher than that found in seawater, life that allows many insects, reptiles and birds to subsist, which make this harsh plateau an extraordinary habitat full of surprises.
Back to the Hotel.
Lodging in San Pedro de Atacama.

Day 08 San Pedro de Atacama
Departure 04:00am. Very early in the morning we will travel 100 kilometers from San Pedro of Atacama up into the Andes mountain range. Breakfast upon arrival. There you will experience one of the most astonishing phenomenon produced by nature, see contrasting colors produced by the steam columns in the highest geothermal field in the world. After greeting the father sun, we will continue on to a luscious valley to visit a lovely village located at 3,200 meters, Caspana. Lunch is included. When we leave the village, the extent of the desert is impressive, we confront the driest desert in the world. In the midst of this lonely landscape we encounter the Inca Coya Lagoon, a few kilometers before the town of Chiu Chiu. Back to your hotel.
Lodging in San Pedro de Atacama.

Day 09 San Pedro de Atacama-Calama
Breakfast. Transfer from the hotel to the airport.
End of our service
VC551 Package visiting Torres del Paine & San Pedro de Atacama
Hotels (per person)
Hotel Four Point Sheraton - Santiago
Hotel Indigo - Puerto Natales 
Hosteria Lago Grey - Torres del Paine
Hotel Cabo de Hornos- Punta Arenas
Hotel Kimal - San Pedro de Atacama
Hotel Orly - Santiago
Hotel Aquaterra - Puerto Natales 
Hotel Lago Grey - Torres del Paine
Hotel Carpa Manzano - Punta Arenas
Hotel Casa don Tomas - San Pedro de Atacama
Reservas & Consultas
Rate are:
Per person
Quoted in USD dollars
Valid until April, 30th, 2018
With English guide at the regular excursion SIB
Be warned: The penguins stick closely to an October-March schedule, generally migrating in early March.
The best time to visit is from October 15th to March 15th.
This tour the rest of the year is replaced by the City tour Puenta Arenas
To book or ask for more information, please contact directly to
How to make a reservation ?
The easiest way to reserve a Patagonia and San Pedro de Atacama tour is thru our website or directly to On our website you find a booking form. Some days after we received your reservation, we confirm if there are still some places available on the date of your choice .This payment you can do at our Chilean banc account or by your credit card.After payment you receive a paper with confirmation of your payment and after full payment you receive the voucher by email. A booking is accepted and becomes definite only from the date when sends out a confirmation invoice (once we have received your deposit) at which point a contract exists and the deposit becomes non-refundable and non-transferable. Give us also your telephone number to contact you in case there are last minute changes.

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