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Tours para visitar San Pedro de Atacama Chile
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VC173 Alto Atacama Hotel in San Pedro de Atacama

Hotel Alto Atacama, we believe in space & amplitude, in open spaces and harmony. We search for the perfect landscape, the perfect trek, the perfect sunset. Our concept is simple, we gathered some of the best chilean architects, designers and landscapers and offered them the opportunity to work together in the creation of an incredible hotel. A place to relax and to start a day full of action, to be able to truly listen to silence and also to listen to local stories. Atacama is a landscape of dramatic contrasts and extremely slow changes, always impressive, rugged, larger than life. Our goal is to be Atacama, to share its beauty and to achieve its patience, to smile and breath freely at the sight of the most beautiful desert in the world.
Our rooms are spacious and comfortable, all of them well equipped to
soothe your body after an action packed day.
All of the rooms in Alto Atacama have a private terrace were to enjoy the colors of the valley, take a nap, read a book or simply relax at the sight of our gardens.We believe that the World is worth to be walked, explored, perceived. We are in the world to enjoy it.

We are aware that people have different interests and skills, and our guides will help feel comfortable and safe while searching for the improvement of those skills. Surrounded and embraced by the Cordillera de la Sal (Salt mountain range) and close to the pre-columbian ruins of Quitor, Alto Atacama offers one of the most astonishing settings in the world.
Silence, colors and the rugged texture of the mountains around will be the
introduction for the Alto Atacama experience.

Alto Atacama is located in the fertile Catarpe valley, just 3 kilometers away
from the San Pedro plaza. Our total area is 3.5 hectares, with a park area of
2 hectares. Alto Atacama has been built in the style of a traditional adobe settlement, complete with llamas and native crops. All elements were carefully designed to integrate with the indigenous building patterns of the Likanantay people. The Hotel has state of the art facilities, staying simple.
We have a complete Spa, Yoga fields, hot springs, wooden decks with 6
swimming pools, international bar and a cozy common room with a big
fireplace. Add the most impressive sights of the milky way to all of that and
you can start getting the picture. Our 32 rooms are spacious, decorated with local crafts and all of them have a private terrace with a great view. They follow the Alto Atacama concept, which is, simple luxury, tranquility and space. Alto Atacama is a place to relax as much as it is a place to seek adventure and knowledge. We want you to enjoy the spa, the pools and the big open areas, and we also want you to try and enjoy some of the 24 different excursions that we offer. Our guides will meet you every night to discuss the possibilities for the next day, all of our excursions a journey on itself, from floating in salty lagoons (dead sea style) to see large geyser fields.

From mountainbiking among red mountains to watch the sunset in the Moon
Valley. Cultural journeys? We have them, our guides are skilled locals that
will introduce you to the fascinating aspects of the traditional culture, there
is an exploration for everybody, our mission is to help you inmerse yourself
in beautiful Atacama.
VC 173  Hotel Alto Atacama - Package BED & BREAKFAST
04 Days / 03 Nights
until December 31st. 2020
Reservas & Consultas
American Buffet Breakfast
Access to swimming pools and outdoor jacuzzi

Not Available on the following dates 1-2 January / 5-8 April / 14-19 September / 26-31 December

Tarifa - Niño

Child rate: 2-12 years
VC 173  Alto Atacama Hotel Premium
04 Days / 03 Nights

Valid until December 31st. 2020 (per person)

04 Days
/ 03 Nights

Reservas & Consultas
Arrival Transfer from Calama Airport (CJC) to the hotel.
Departure Transfer from the hotel to Calama Airport (CJC)
American Buffet Breakfast
Wine, beer, and soft drinks served with meals
Open Bar
Snacks from our Bar Menu
Daily Excursions
Free use of mountain bikes
Access to our spa (sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, etc.)
Use of outdoor pools
Complimentary transfer service between the hotel and San Pedro de Atacama (from 09:00 am to 11.30pm)

Recommended clothing / Equipment
- Backpack (20-35 litres).
- Swimming gear.
- Sandals.
- Layers of clothing: thermals, fleeces etc.
- Trainers or trekking boots.
- Trekking shorts or detachable trousers.
- Sunblock, UV sunglasses and sun hat.
- Gloves, hat and good quality
jacket for excursions at altitude.
Each night, guests meet with the
guides in the bar to discuss options for
the following day. There are eight
options per day, taken from our
programme of 23 excursions.
We Believe that the World is worth to be walked, explored. The World is
here to be enjoyed. We are aware that people have different interests and skills, and our guides will help you feel comfortable and safe while searching for the improvement of your skills.
We like to seek for the physical strenght that humanity possess and we
also like to seek for the intelectual strenght that each one of us has.
Our expeditions can be physically demanding or very mellow, can be
intellectually engaging or simply make you feel part of the desert.
Whatever excursion you decide to be part of, the sights will be impressive,
because Atacama is our world, we well on beauty.
We travel in small groups, leaving no traces.
All activities are classified by type (by vehicle, on foot or bicycle), length (half or full day) and difficulty. The level of difficulty is rated as follows: Easy: excursions on flat or gently ondulating ground, much of which is covered by van. These excursions require no acclimatization to the altitude of the Atacama Desert. Medium: some rocky or sandy terrain, short climbs of moderate steepness and/or long treks. Some excursions require a few days of acclimatization to the altitude of the Atacama Desert.
Difficult: tough terrain, long and/or steep climbs up to 4000 metres above sea level. These excursions are physically demanding and require acclimatization time.
When undertaking strenuous activities at altitude, guests should take the following precautions:
- Consult your doctor before leaving home if you have a history cardiovascular illness, hypertension or obesity.
- Avoid heavy or greasy food prior to an excursion.
- Drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration.
- Avoid alcohol.
Likanantai culture tour
Duration: half day
Level: easy
Altitude: 2440m
Acclimatization: none required
After a short walk from the hotel to Pukara de Quitor, we will drive to the historic old town of San Pedro. There, we will stroll around the picturesque town, visit the church and the highly respected museum. We then drive to the archealogical ruins of Tulor – a 2800 year old settlement – visiting a variety of ancient villages along the way.

Sunset at Moon Valley
Duration: half day
Level: easy
Altitude: 2450m
Acclimatization: none required
A 20 minute drive brings us to the spectacular Moon Valley. This is one of the most famous national parks in Chile and for good reason. The enormous sand dunes and dramatic rock formations create a stunning lunar landscape born of land lifts and centuries of erosion. The sunsets here are extraordinary and no visit to San Pedro is complete without an trip to the Moon Valley to watch the sun go down.

Tocanao/Atacama saltflats
Duration: half day
Level: easy
Altitude: 2300m
Acclimatization: none required
On the way to the famous saltflats of San Pedro de Atacama, we visit the lovely town of Tocanao and the Valle Escondido de Kunza (the hidden valley) where we visit the church and artesan market stalls in the central plaza. From here, we continue our journey to the saltflats. On arrival, there is a gentle 20 minute walk to the Laguna de Chaxa where we can see wild flamingos and other birds native to the area.
Later, when the setting sun catches on the mountains and the lagoons, you will see one of the most incredible sunsets the world has to offer.

Valle de Jere

Duration: half day
Level: easy
Altitude: 2475m
Acclimatization: none required
A 45 minute drive from the hotel takes us through the village of Tocanao to the Quebrada de Jere (Jere Gorge). A gentle walk through beautiful, cultivated gardens allows you to appreciate the centuries-old irrigation systems that enabled man to settle in the area. The verdant vegetation, thanks to the Jere River, provides a wonderful contrast to the dryness of the surrounding desert. During this tour, we will also see a number of pre-historic petroglyphs: drawings carved into the rocks that acted as signposts for the Incas on their travels to and from the sea.

The Tatio Geysers
We leave the hotel before dawn to arrive at the famous geysers at daybreak: the steam and vapors are all the more impressive with the cold and the light of the early morning. At the geyser field, we will also see geysers thermal pools, mud fountains, colourful rock formations, hot streams and flora and fauna. The return journey is quite stunning with an abundance of wildlife and beautifully contrasting landscapes.
Duration: half day
Level: medium (due to the altitude)
Altitude: 4321m
Acclimatization: two days

Altoandina Lagoons
Duration: full day
Level: medium
Altitude: 4200m
Acclimatization: three days.
A two and a half hour drive, south east from the hotel brings us to the high Andean lagoons of Miscanti and Miñiques. The lagoons are surrounded by beautiful snowcapped mountains and a wide variety of flora and fauna. The lagoons provide a stunning contrast and the combined effect is an amazing explosion of colors from white, blue and silver through to red, pink and yellow.

The Altiplanic Villages
Duration: full day
Level: medium
Altitude: 3322m but up to 4500m at one point
Acclimatization: three days.
A two and a half hour drive takes us across the high plains to the lovely village of Caspana. On the way, we will enjoy a wide variety of widelife native to the area such as llamas, vicuñas, zuris, foxes and vizcachas. We will have lunch in Caspana, which is famous for its white liparita stone buildings and its narrow paved streets. We then visit the tiny village of Chiu-Chiu, which dates back to 3000 BC. This is a good excursion for your last day at Alto Atacama as the villages are in the direction of the airport in Calama.

Tara Salt Flats

Duration: full day
Level: medium
Altitude: 4300m
Acclimatization: three days.
From the hotel, we drive towards the Andean cordillera. The journey takes us through the wonderful meadows of Quepiaco where you can also see the Pakana Monks, incredible rock formations created by years or erosion. We will have a buffet lunch at the salt flats while enjoying the local flora and fauna, before returning to the hotel.


Moon Valley
Duration: half day
Level: medium (a three hour trek covering 9km)
Altitude: 2450m
Acclimatization: none required
Note: this excursion is not recommended for people with vertigo. A 30 minute drive takes us to Moon Valley. Once inside the
national park, we will begin a 9km trek through the dunes, gorges and flats that have helped make San Pedro famous throughout the world.

Quezala Gorge
Duration: 2 hours
Level: medium
Altitude: 3500 m
Acclimatization: none required
We drive south taking the east flank of the Atacama salt flat, the town of Talabre is where we start our trek. Located at the footsteps of the active Lascar volcano Talabre is a fine example of an altiplanic village, defying ages & ashes. The trek follows the river that carves the beautiful Quezala Gorge.

Los Colorados
Duration: half day
Level: medium (a two and a half hour walk covering 7km)
Altitude: 2700m
Acclimatization: none required.
Note: this excursion is not recommended for people with vertigo. From the hotel, we take a short drive along the ancient road
which crosses the Cordillera de la Sal. From here, we begin a delightful trek along the top of the cordillera which provides
panaromic views of San Pedro, the oasis, the salt flats and the snowcapped Andean mountains. We descend via the dunes of Moon Valley.

Cycling tours
Katarpe Valley
Duration: half day
Level: easy (a three hour bike ride covering 15km)
Altitude: 2500m
Acclimatization: none required.
We cycle from the hotel along the river into the heart of the lovely Katarpe valley. This bike ride takes in the village of Katarpe, the old Inca administrative centre and the tambo. A tambo is where the Incas stored vital provisions for their regular trips from the Andes to the sea and back. This excursion gives visitors a wonderful cultural insight into the lives of the Incas.

Ayllu de Quitor/San Pedro village

Duration: half day
Level: easy (a two hour bike ride covering 10km)
Altitude: 2460m
Acclimatization: none required.
This gentle bike ride takes us across the beautiful Quitor valley and into the town of San Pedro itself. Along the way, you can enjoy the stunning landscapes, flora and fauna which has made the area so popular with travellers in the world.

Cejar Lagoon
Duration: half day
Level: medium (a two hour bike ride covering 22km)
Altitude: 2410m
Acclimatization: none required
Note: if you want to swim in the lagoon, we advise that you take waterproof sandals as the ground is very hard and jagged in places.
We cycle from the hotel through San Pedro and then along a flat and sandy route to the Lagoon. The lagoons are of a striking white colour which contrast with the surrounding mountains and vegetation. And, because they are located inside the Salar de Atacama, the lagoons are extremely salty which makes swimming in it quite a floaty experience.

Inca Pass
Duration: half day
Level: difficult (a three hour bike ride
covering 20km with two steep climbs)
Altitude: 2700
Acclimatization: two days.
From Alto Atacama, we cycle up to the cordillera until we reach a old tunnel that cuts though the cordillera. The tunnel is an amazing feat of engineering built by the Chilean goverment early in the XX century to reduce travelling times from the Andes to the sea. We pass through the tunnel and return to the hotel via Mars Valley.

The Desert Valleys
Duration: half day
Level: difficult (a three hour bike ride covering 30km)
Altitude: 2600m
Acclimatization: two days.
We cycle towards Mars Valley and climb up to the Cordillera viewpoint. From here, you can see across the oasis and the salt flats to the snowcapped Andes. On our way back to the hotel, we pass through the famous Moon Valley.

Duration: half day
Level: difficult
Altitude: 5600m with variations
of up to 500m
Acclimatization: three days.
This is a relatively short but very challenging excursion – the reward is the incredible view from the top. Here you get the best views of the cordillera, the salt flats and the oasis – you can even see the famous Bolivian lagoons that sit on the other side of the Andes.

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